Respecting Nature's rhythm

At Matreira we pride ourselves to follow the values of a sustainable business management. Our main focus being to provide rich moments to the senses while enriching the diet. It is important to us to produce quality products that nurture the body but which production isn't harmful to the planet.

For that reason we choose to manufacture every single product manually while ensuring the use of recycling materials. We strive to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and we like to encourage the consumer to be aware of its own.

This is how we live. At Nature's rhythm. We appreciate the time of that which matures gradually. Slow Living has become a life style we apply to all we do and care for. It is important to stop and contemplate. It is equally important not to rush that which deserves attention.

At Matreira nothing is done in a hurry. Each step of the process is thoughtfully and lovingly done. We strive to respect the natural pace of transformation, from harvest to production. We believe taking whatever time needed to create something marks the difference reflected on the flavour.

Our mission is to inspire Matreira's friends to broaden their vision around the ideal lifestyle, diet and work life. Above all to lead a healthier, quieter and more sustainable way of life.