Matreira runs along the slopes of the Douro mountains. Protecting its local communities, traditions and a fair, sustainable trade, it preserves native varieties of almond trees, which withstand the test of time and a distinctive rough dry climate.

For centuries people of the north have relied on almonds, olive oil, wine, and figs as a means for subsistence. Nowadays due to mass plantations of Californian varieties in Alentejo, which require great quantities of water, the native varieties have lost their value and are sadly in decline. The northern Portuguese varieties from 'Trás-os-Montes', on the other hand, grow in schist dry soils under extremely hot summers and freezing winters with very little water.

We value to work directly with local producers. We strive to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum. Hence we follow the values of a sustainable business management. At Matreira nothing is done in a hurry. We work at Nature's rhythm. The crops we use are harvested by traditional means and our products mainly artisanal. We choose to respect the natural pace of transformation as well as the history inherited from those landscapes.

About Rewilding Portugal

Rewilding Portugal is a private non-profit organization, established in January 2019 in Guarda. Its mission is to promote nature conservation through rewilding measures in Portugal.

It currently focus on the areas of Riba-Côa and Beira Alta in northern Portugal, a region where high rates of land abandonment have created opportunities for bringing nature back.

The Greater Côa Valley region is an important wildlife corridor for many species in the region and reinforcing that corridor could play an important role in the recovery of rare species such as the black stork and Iberian wolf.

Rewilding Portugal is the main partner of Rewilding Europe in the Greater Côa Valley rewilding area and is working closely with Rewilding Europe to achieve the shared goal of making Portugal a wilder place.

The Wild Côa Network, created by Rewilding, is an association of like-minded enterprises in the Greater Côa Valley who share a vision for a wilder and more sustainable future. The goal of the network it to promote a nature-based economy in the region. A nature-based economy is where the inter-related production and consumption of goods and services promotes nature conservation and regeneration and benefits the local communities.

The Wild Côa Network aims to:

  • Facilitate synergies between businesses across sectors in order to promote a stronger business environment that fosters cooperation instead of competition.
  • Facilitate marketing the region as a whole, promoting its cultural and natural values.
  • Assist local business in the development of sustainable business models in line with rewilding principles.
  • Promote partnership between tourism related entities to create new touristic packages.

Matreira is one of the network's partner which continues to grow. If you would like to visit the Côa Valley and want to find out about the various partners you can do so here. For more information about Rewilding Portugal other projects please follow the link here.