On Matreira's trail

                   Matreira was born from a desire to share the unique flavours of Beira Alta with the rest of the world. Here you will find varieties of ancient trees whose fruit bears a sublime flavour that has been refined over hundreds of years.

Matreira products are handcrafted and produced at the Côa Valley. Made with almonds and olives of indigenous varieties from the Douro region, they offer a unique flavour given the distinctive characteristics of this area of schist soils and a peculiar microclimate.

Our almond products are made of rare varieties that grow spontaneously in the valleys. The Casa Nova and Marcelina varieties, despite being threatened by Californian almond crops, carry a grain that is sweet, smooth and rich in flavour.

Our olive oil is of superior category, obtained only by mechanical means and first cold pressed. The olives are harvested at the beginning of the harvest season making this olive oil characteristically unripe and spicy, which is then flavoured with herbs growing in the hills.

This project's idea came about in late 2019 following the almond harvest. In Almendra and surroundings, we and others, value to help and work directly with local producers who still preserve the genuine flavours of this region, but whose farms would otherwise be abandoned due to the lack of means.

This way we are giving continuity to the lives of these farms, making use of their crops, while maintaining one of the traditional flavours of our country, particularly from this region that is yet not forgotten. Our products are 100% natural, handmade, without additives or preservatives.