Hand picked by singing hearts  

Almond Butters

Our butters are handcrafted. The almonds are ground in a small granite stone mill that rotates until the kernels are converted into an extremely creamy paste. This way the paste does not heat up too much, avoiding the loss its main nutrients. 

A versatile and nutritious snack, rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium and calcium. An alternative to butter, it is also ideal to accompany fruit, add to smoothies, granolas or porridge! To choose from:

  • Carob Almond butter
  • Walnuts & Cinnamon Almond butter (especial edition)
  • Natural & Crunchy Almond butter 

Jar 220g ✦ €10

Roasted Almonds

The almonds are patiently peeled by our hands and then toasted in the oven with a pinch of seasalt. The result: crunchy almonds, with a sublime, almost buttery flavour. You have to try them because they are unique! 

This is a versatile and nutritious snack, rich in antioxidants, B vitamins, magnesium and calcium. Ideal for sharing, to accompany the walk, or to accompany your favorite drink at the end of the day! To choose from:

  • Seasalt Peeled Almonds
  • Garam Masala Almonds (especial edition)
  • Natural Almonds

Bag 80g ✦ €5

Sweet Almond Oil 

Our latest creation comes to take care of your skin and hair. This is an excellent natural moisturizer for the body, easy to apply and with an aroma that lifts your spirit!

Nutritionally dense, Sweet Almond oil cleanses, repairs and hydrates the skin. With Vitamin A, aka Retinol, stimulates new skin cell growth, increasing skin elasticity and luminosity. Along with the combination of Rose-Geranium, Patchouli and Lavender it is a powerful skin treatment: 

  • reduces skin irritation, stretch marks and dark spots
  • improves scar appearance
  • reverses UV damage
  • enhances hair health

 Bottle 200ml ✦ €20

The almonds in our products are increasingly rare and difficult to find. They are varieties that grow in a region that becomes more isolated every year. Not only is there a risk of them disappearing completely, but they are devalued every year - one of the various consequences of the national production of more than 40 thousand tons of the foreigner soft-shell almond, cultivated in the last decade in Alentejo. 

Our almonds are picked by hand, not by machines and are also largely broken by hand. Matreira wishes to recognise the fair value of this noble and unique product by doing just and transparent business with the producers with which it works. 

Help us support small producers, preserve and protect traditions, local communities, plants and flavours of the region, all that shapes the entire identity of the Côa Valley. Use our contact form for your orders.